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meadow pink (rose gentian)

meadow pink, white

Mexican hat

milk-vetch (buffalo clover)

milkweed, antelope horns

milkweed, green-flowered

milkweed, orange (butterfly weed)

milkwort, white

nightshade, false

nightshade, silverleaf

paintbrush, Indian

paintbrush, lemon

paintbrush, prairie


parsley, prairie (wild dill)

partridge pea

penstemon, loose-flowered

peppergrass (pennycress)

phlox, prairie

plaintain, blue mud

poke salad

poppy, red corn

prairie bishop's-weed

prairie clover, purple (white)

prairie clover, purple

prairie clover, white

prairie plantain

prickly ash

prickly poppy, white

primrose, cut-leaf evening

primrose, four-point evening

primrose, Missouri

primrose, showy evening

primrose, water

puccoon, fringed

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